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Hammer Fiber (OTCQB:HMMR)

  •  Hammer Fiber Optics (OTCQB:HMMR)  is a registered Competitive Local Exchange Carrier in New Jersey that  offers services throughout the New Jersey region, as well as  Philadelphia and New York. Along with fiber transit solutions, VoIP  platforms, Ethernet connectivity and managed services to businesses  ranging from small to enterprise; Hammer Fiber also serves residential  and small business markets with broadband, voice and video. For more  information visit

Updated: May 08, 2018 (pdf)


Defense Technologies Intl (DTII)

  • Defense Technologies Intl (OTC:DTII)  Passive Security Scan is a portable scanning security device that uses the Earth's magnetic fields to detect potential security threats. It is the only product of its kind that uses passive scanning. Traditional detectors use X-ray (radiation) imaging - the type of technology that can have harmful effects after prolonged, repeated exposure; the Passive Security Scan eliminates any exposure to students. 

Updated: April 26, 2018 (pdf)


AppSwarm, Inc. (OTC:SWRM)

  • AppSwarm, Inc. (OTC:SWRM)  is a technology development and incubation company focused in  accelerating the development of mobile applications and technology,  fast-tracking product to market. AppSwarm partners with application  developers through joint ventures, royalty agreements, marketing  partnerships, and outright purchase agreements. 

Updated: March 15, 2018 (pdf)


Integrated Ventures (OTC:INTV)

  •  Integrated Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB:INTV)  is focused on acquiring, launching and operating companies, primarily  in the mobile technologies, ride share transportation and cryptocurrency  sector consisting of digital asset mining, hosting, pooling, mining  equipment manufacturing and the development of blockchain based  applications for financial markets.

Updated: Dec. 28, 2017 (pdf)

Download (OTCQB:CIIX)

 Founded in 1999, (OTCQB:CIIX)  endeavors to be an innovative company providing: (a) real-time market  commentary, analysis, and educational-related services in Chinese  language character sets (traditional and simplified); (b) advertising  and public relation-related support services; and (c) retail, online and  direct sales of hemp-based products and other health-related products.  For more information visit

Updated: July 31, 2017 (pdf)