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(NEW YORK)–Ludlow Research, an equity research firm located in New York City, announced upcoming research focus on the small-cap Healthcare and Medical Device sector.

Inflation, rising interest rates, falling consumer confidence, stress within banking sector all signal the possibility for a recession if not softer economy in 2023.

While no investment is completely recession-proof, healthcare and medical device stocks tend to be relatively stable and resilient during economic downturns, making them a popular choice for investors looking to mitigate risk.

Key Factors for Healthcare Stocks

1) Essential nature of healthcare: Healthcare is an essential service that people need regardless of the state of the economy. Even during a recession, people still require medical attention and treatment for illnesses and injuries, and may even have more healthcare needs due to the stress and strain caused by the economic downturn.

2) Non-cyclical nature of medical devices: Medical devices, such as diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, and prosthetics, are also non-cyclical in nature. This means that demand for these products is not significantly impacted by economic fluctuations, as they are required for both essential and non-essential medical procedures.

3) Innovation: Healthcare and medical device companies are often at the forefront of innovation, developing new treatments, devices, and technologies that can improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. This innovation can provide opportunities for growth and investment returns, even during a recession.

For these reasons, Ludlow Research is launching a sector focus on select OTC Healthcare and Medical Device issuers who may offer a port of safety on any upcoming economic slowdown.

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Ludlow Research is a New York based equity research firm that focuses on providing research coverage on emerging small-cap companies. For over 17 years we have aimed to provide our readers a simple way of evaluating the potential value of small-cap clients, while garnering these clients greater market awareness to new investors. 

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